Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49: Butterfly Sun Catchers

Now, this is dedication.  I am sitting here in bed at 10:35 p.m., with a 4 year old who is coughing her head off lying next to me, watching Bubble Guppies (omg, TV at 10:30p.m. WHAT?!  She has never seen a TV at this hour!!!) and now, I am blogging!  But, that is neither here nor there when it comes to blogging!

So, today, I asked Iris what she wanted to do for craft and she mentioned she wanted to make a butterfly.  I thought quickly and decided that a construction paper and tissue paper sun catcher may be a lot of fun for her and Penny (who slept straight through craft, btw).  I find crafting with Iris to be much more relaxing, and I find that I get a LOT more done in a much shorter amount of time when it is just the two of us.  I was able to cut her a basic shape of a butterfly with purple construction paper, and then had her practice using scissors to cut some of the shapes in the wings.  I helped cut other shapes for her and then we got colored tissue paper out and cut them into smallish squares.

Iris used glue around the cut outs and then put the tissue paper around to fill in the holes.  It was super sunny today, and when it was done, I held it up the window to let her see it with the sun.  I must admit it was really pretty.  It honestly turned out better than I had expected it to.

I have everything cut out for Penny, so hopefully she will enjoy making a sun catcher tomorrow.  
(The heart paper punch Mike got me for Valentine's Day :) )

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  1. I cannot believe you managed to get this craft done with the sick ones. Bless your heart....hopefully tomorrow will be better for you. Oh, the poor kids coughing....I'll pray for you and the kids tonight.....